Your Complete Guide to HR in China
By Papaya Global Experts

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  • Employment rules and regulations
  • Payroll and benefits
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  • Immigration
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What our customers are saying
"Papaya lets us sleep at night thanks to its comprehensive solution - the most complex global employment processes have turned into one unified project, simply managed with their platform"

Who we are and what we do
Our vision at Papaya Global is to make global employment easier and as transparent as possible. We are passionate about sharing knowledge and assisting our clients to explore and reach out to new markets. Our team at Papaya Global is here to support every need in more than 100 countries: from immigration to employer of record, payroll and outsourcing.

Papaya Global's platform automatically solves the thousand little changes involved in HR management including local payroll, accounting, legal, compliance, foreign currency payments and local employment solutions you need when expanding into new territories. From finding a local employer of record to running global payroll - we have you covered by experts.